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Experience the Benefits of Thera IV Infusion

Home-based IV infusion designed for athletes. Tailored sessions for increased performance, faster recovery, and reduced inflammation. Empowering athletes to push past their limits.

Expertise You Can Trust

We only hire RN Specialists who have extensive experience in administering IV infusion. They are trained to provide a comfortable and effective experience for all our clients.

In the Comfort of Your Home

Our home service is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience for our clients. Our RN Specialists bring all the equipment needed for the infusion to your home.

Safety is Our Priority

We follow strict protocols to maintain a safe and sanitary environment during the IV infusion. We ensure all equipment is sterilised, and our RN specialists wear protective gear to minimise the risk of infection.


Unlike oral consumption, which can take hours to digest and absorb, IV infusion delivers nutrients directly into your bloodstream, providing 100% bioavailability and maximum impact. Don't waste your time with less effective methods – upgrade your game with the unbeatable efficiency of Thera.

Energise with B Vitamins for Power

Energise your body and support mitochondrial function with B vitamins for increased energy and power.

Boost Endurance & Reduce Fatigue

Enhance your endurance and reduce muscle fatigue with amino acids that promote muscle protein synthesis and improve blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Sharpen Focus with Amino Acids

By boosting neurotransmitter function, sharpen your mental focus and concentration with amino acids.

Optimise Performance with Metabolism Boost

Improve your metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for optimised performance.

Recover Faster & Reduce Muscle Wasting

With our infusion's promotion of muscle growth and reduction of muscle breakdown, recover faster and reduce muscle wasting.

Increase Stamina & Push Limits

With our infusion, you can stay energised and focused, giving you the endurance you need to reach your athletic goals.


Don't just take our word for it; read what our clients have to say about their experiences with thera.

It was really good i felt very energetic throughout the day and even yesterday and today, I’m usually a very low energy person and I've had the most energy since that day.
Nabille Giovanna De La Luz
actually felt a good recovery from my workout as I pushed a lot that morning. Ofc one sesh is always very mild to be aware of the difference- I feel people might benefit more of the difference when getting it a bit more consistently
Chiara Seidenader
I wanted to push myself to see if there was a difference after receiving the drip. I competed 2 hours of intense training the same day and the day after as well, without any signs of fatigue.
Franco Brooks
Pro MMA Fighter | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner and Coach
As feedback just know that I felt really energized and it did help with my recovery and focus while training
Alejandro Sanchez Martin
Was great. the day we put I was very active, and what I like the most is the day after, I don't feel tired at all.
Carlos Merayo Garcia
Professional Slackliner | Artist at La Perle | Founder of Slack line DXB
I felt really stronger than usual. I believe that it can really increase performance
Luka Rozajac
Strength and Conditioning coach
So far soo good. I definitely felt replenished and more energised.
Bader Al Noori
2 time UAE national champion. 8 time fittest officer in USA
I felt so good in the same day and day after, even my sleep it was a bit better.
Abdulrahman Sulayman
Professional Trainer

Experience the future of performance with Thera's cutting-edge IV infusion that provides a performance boost in just 30 minutes.